Frequently asked questions about Artguide Sweden

1. Is the Artguide Sweden only available on the web?

No, Artguide Sweden is also published in print twice a year - in January and September.

2. What does the Artguide Sweden contain?

Our purpose is to include most of the art exhibitions throughout the country. You should be able to find out if a particular artist is exhibiting anywhere in Sweden and also to find available exhibitions wherever you happen to be. We also include photography and arts and crafts exhibitions. Our final objective is not yet reached but the most important galleries and exhibitions are represented.

3. Why do you not include all art exhbitions?

We usually make our own selection from countrywide exhibitions and find it impossible to mention all.

4. How does Artguide Sweden make its selection?

We aim to incorporate all exhibitions which are held in art galleries and museums . In addition we include exhibitions which are held in different museums which principally deal with other art forms.Moreover we try to avoid art dealers, individual artists studio outlets, hobby painters, and those who rent out exhibition space.

5. What is the difference between an art shop and an art gallery?

Simply explained: a gallery has a planned exhibition activity with individual or groups of artists. The exhibition usually lasts about two weeks. An art shop on the other hand will offer for sale a number of artists works without arranging a special exhibition.

6. How does someone who hires out exhibition space differ from a gallery?

The person who hires out exhibition space to artists who wish to show and sell their work have a purely financial agreement between the landlord and the artist. But a gallery owner chooses which artists he or she find acceptable according to certain criteria which no doubt vary from gallery to gallery. The gallery owners personal taste and chances of selling the exhibited art is likely to be a weighty reason for his/her choice.

7. How can an artist be entered in Artguide Sweden?

We try to attend to a gallerys application as soon as possible. After having received a presentation of the gallery via letter, email or telephone we will consider and decide on the membership. Artists who are interested in joining are asked to get their exhibition organiser to contact Artguide Sweden in the first instance.

8. How often and when is the printed guide published?

Artguide Sweden is published twice a year. No1 in midJanuary covering January till August inclusive. No 2 appears in mid September and covers September till December inclusive.

9. How much does it cost to be a member of Artguide Sweden?

It is not expensive. In order to keep the costs down we have improved on our internet version. For instance it is now possible for exhibition organisers and gallery owners to update their programmes online themselves.

10. What is new on

Artguide Sweden is continually being improved. The present design allows for quicker alterations and improvements. It is easier to add more exhibitors and pictures and thus simplifying the search. We wish to concentrate on pictures and the online picture management has been made easier and our aim is to make sure that even more exhibition sites are provided with illustrations.
Since 2008 members can update their text and picture information themselves online.
In the spring of 2010 we included information about the participants cafees and restaurants and boutiques.
Since 2011 we publish notices about future art events and art lectures (not launches which are easy to find on

This version of was first launched in June 2012.

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